Salvador Mercé Vives always looked beyond

In 1972 he founded in Valencia Mercé V. Electromedicina, then a small company, that, after starting to supply large equipment and monitoring to the University and hospitals of its city, was to start all over the country obtaining the distribution throughout Spain of one of the pioneering European companies in the manufacture of cardiac pacemakers. A medical and technological milestone, that was the first of the many that have paved the way of our company.
During the 80s and the 90s, medicine advanced significantly in Spain: the beginning of transplants and modern heart surgery, implants of heart, eye prostheses… And Mercé V. Electromedicina always contributed searching for innovative products. Somehow it then started what has been the leitmotiv of our company; constant research, discovery of new technologies and products to be made available to our physicians and at the service of their patients.

National consolidation

These were times when the Internet or LinkedIn did not exist, and you should travel to the other side of the world to convince some guys in Tokyo or Minneapolis that it was worthwhile to invest in Spain. At that time, Salvador Mercé obtained the distribution of completely innovative products, such as phacoemulsification products, soft intraocular lenses, tools for myopia surgery, in the field of ophthalmology, or mechanical valvular prostheses made of pyrolytic coal, intraoperative coronary flow measurement equipment, cardiac arrhythmia ablation catheters, implantable defibrillators in the field of heart surgery and cardiology.
Early in 2000, Mercé was already an established company. With offices in Valencia and Madrid and a sales force all over the country, characterised by being client-oriented and by its clinical specialisation. But the innovative spirit of the beginnings remained unchanged. It was a time of “explosion” of interventional cardiology, endovascular treatment of infarction, primary angioplasty. Mercé introduced the first variable flow automatic contrast injection system and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for intracoronary diagnosis.

Research commitment

Meanwhile, we also set up our own Research and Development Department, in collaboration with Valencia Polytechnic University, and undertook both our own projects, such as the pulsatile flow extracorporeal pump, and initiatives by some of the most prominent physicians of the country. We currently continue collaborating with several institutions, in particular Valencia Biomechanics Institute, with whom we are performing the development of 2 innovative medical devices, based on ideas from different health professionals.
And we extend our areas of speciality committed to ideas which propose a different way of doing things, new solutions to diseases: mechanical thrombectomy aspiration for the endovascular treatment of STROKE, intravascular lithotripsy for the treatment of calcified plaque in patients with claudication, heart assistance as an alternative to transplant, equipment for peritoneal hyperthermic carcinomatosis and surgery for cancer of the liver… And there we are.

A big team

Throughout these years we have understood that our role should go far beyond. We have understood that such complex and novel technologies require a big support and when in 2019 we exceeded 50 people in our company, we can say that over 20% of them are clinical specialists in some of our products, with a high degree of training.

Looking ahead

Today, Mercé products are present in more than 90% of interventional cardiology laboratories and operating rooms of heart surgery in Spain, as well as in many other operating rooms of specialities, such as vascular surgery, radiology and interventional neuroradiology, etc. Our mission, as discussed above, is to find, bring and disclose the best medical technology, making it available to physicians and thus being able to collaborate in improving the treatment of patients. Of course, we will continue with this innovation and excellence line, which has allowed us to earn the respect and trust of our customers after almost half a century of intense, passionate work.



Salvador Mercé Vives set up the company, starting its activity in the area of Valencia.


The first pacemakers are introduced, the expansion of Mercé throughout the country starts.


Mercé markets the first heart valves and introduces BIO Medicus and EP.


Mercé focuses its activity in the field of cardiology: Interventional cardiology, CRM and heart surgery.


Start of ACIST activity. Introduction of OCT Lightlab in Spain.


New business lines are open: Surgical Oncology. Neuroradiology. Interventional Radiology. Vascular Surgery.


Start of exclusive distribution of PENUMBRA. Interventional neuroradiology. Distribution agreement with Cardio Focus.


Start of distribution of HEARTWARE devices for ventricular assistance.


Implantation of the first artificial heart SYNCARDIA in Spain.


Introduction of Interventional Vascular Radiology.


The products distributed by Mercé are present in 90% of the haemodynamics laboratories and operating rooms of Spain.

Última actualización 5 July, 2022

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